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Trenchless Technology

Trenchless Technology involves the installation of underground infrastructure and the rehabilitation of existing underground utilities. It uses methods that minimize the construction impacts associated with traditional open-cut construction methods, thus making it an economically and ecologically superior method for pipe rehabiliation.

PIPE BURSTING technique breaks open pipe from within, while simultaneously pulling behind a sleeve or new pipe. FM Shelton, Inc provides the pipe contractor HDPE pipe and materials used to create the service laterals and clean-outs.

CURE-IN-PLACE PIPE (CIPP) or relining refers to the technology that uses resin impregnated flexible tube/bag that is inserted in the deteriorated pipe between two manholes. In this process, water is used to inflate the pipe and bought to high temperature to ignite the resin, causing the bag to harden, creating a new pipe interior. FM Shelton, Inc. provides the resin, the catalyst, for bag producton, PVC pipe and relining materials.


ductile iron pipe

mineral oil
PVC pipe

resin & catalyst for bag production

safety materials
service connections w/ cleanouts