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Department of Transportation Public Works General Maintenance

Related and Continuous Projects
Fulton County

American Water, contractor for the Camp Creek WWTF
supply of materials to the maintenance team to keep the facility running and materials for improvements

DI pipe annual contract
supply of DI pipe. MJ fittings, MEGA lugs, DI spools, SS full circle repair clamps, service seals and tapping sleeves to Public Works

RCP Pipe annual contract
supply of RCP pipe to Public Works

Sewer Camera Equipment parts, annual contract
supply of Ques camera parts for North and South sites of Public Works

Large Diameter Gate Valves, annual contract
supply of American Darling gate valves used in water mains

PVC pipe (large diameter), HDPE, fittings, saddles, meters, annual contract
supplier for the Public Works water treatment plants PVC pipe and related items

Dekalb County

Water Line Relining - Insituform, contractor
supply of chemicals (resin, styrene, monomer, catalyst,mineral oil), rubber hose, rope, safety supplies, pillow blocks

RCP pipe annual contract
supply of RCP pipe to Public Works

Silica sand annual contract
supply of silica sand used in filtering process for the water department

Galvinized pipe & fitting annual contract
supply o galvanized pipe to Public Works

Solenoid valves & accessories annual contract
supply of ASCO valves and assories to Public Works

Quick insert valve and sleeve annual contract
supply of MJ flange adapt, flange coupling adapt, spool (DI) uniflange, etc. supply Romac/Transmat Inserta valves & parts to Public Works

Filter sand annual contract
supply of 6-10 sand used in a filtering process in the sewer department

Drilling and pipe tapping, DI spools, MEGA lugs, MJ fittings, Flange access kits & misc materials
supplier for the maintenance warehouse with misc materials needed for field repairs in the Dekalb sewer department

Seminole Landfill Project
Seminole landfill gas transportation and confinement project w/
Tri Con Works, L.P. supply of HDPE and various materials

City of Atlanta

Pipe Bursting, Contract B, ph1-Contractor Wade Coots
supply of HDPE pipe and clean-out assembly, pipe bursting subcontracting

United Water Services - Contractor to run the Water Dept.
supply of materials to the warehouse for use in the construction of new service metering for home, commercial, and industrial customers

Annual Gunite Sewer Repair - Coastal Gunite, contractor
supply of sand, cement, wire mesh, rebar, shot crete, corrugated poly pipe for use in refining large diameter pipe - Gunite method

Water Line Relining - Instituform, contractor
supply of chemicals (resin, styrene monomer, catalyst, mineral oil), rubber hose, rope, safety supplies, pillow blocks

Nancy Creek Constructors - Obayashi, contractor
supplier of primarily all the safety materials to the job site

Sink Hole Repair - contractor, United Gunite
supply of sand, cement, wire mesh, rebar, pipe, valves

Public Works annual sand contract
supply of sand to the various city yards

Manhole annual contract
supply of concrete manholes

City of St. Louis

Mine Repair - contractor, Costal Gunite
supplier of sand, cement, fibers, chemical hardners,wire mesh

Atlanta Board of Education

HVAC filter annual contract
supplier of filters for Atlanta Public schools - throw away pleated, and rolls.

Hartsfield - Jackson Airport Expansion

Gunite materials - Coastal Gunite, contractor
supplier of materials used to reline large diameter drain tunnel

Concrete pipe materials - contractor, Gilbert Southern
supplier of all the reinforced concrete pipe (RCP)

MARTA-Metro Rapid Transit Authority, Atlanta & Miami-Dade Transit, Florida

Automatic fare collection system
CUBIC Transportation System, contractor
supply of electrical and electronic components for passenger gate and fare boxes