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General Maintenance

FM Shelton, Inc services the maintenance departments of various industries. Supplying equipment, materials for preventive maintenance, equipment upgrade, and frequently used items for sustaining of operations are key components of company services F.M. Shelton, Inc. provides. Maintenance staffs rely on our knowledge, accuracy and efficiency in identifing and providing both routine and occasionally used materials. F.M.Shelton, Inc. has a reputation for its diligence in identifying specialty and functional replacements of obsolete items giving customers an added advantage having an alliance with F.M. Shelton.

Our technical staff often makes on-site reviews of processes and equipment requirements. This makes communication clear and elimates potential order errors, which can be costly.

FM Shelton’s extended commodity access (see Products) along with its unique service to locate specialty parts, make site visits, provide on time delivery including same day delivery and its technical staff, make our company an excellent preferred supplier canidate.